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Benefit your clients & brokerage through a total business group partnership.


With over 100 different professional employer organization (PEO) relationships already vetted out, Total Business can be a valuable resource to help you navigate the marketplace and identify the best possible PEO solution for your clients.

Whether you need a solution for a challenging workers' comp situation, or your client just received a double digit increase on their health plan at renewal, we can help. Total Business partners with P&C Brokers, Insurance Agents, CPAs, Legal Advisors, and CFOs. Anyone who is a trusted advisor would benefit to have a PEO consultant.

Protect Your Book of Business

A multitude of HR outsourcing firms, or PEOs, and payroll providers have no desire to work with a client’s existing partners. In fact, these vendors actively seek to remove brokers and trusted advisors from the business.  Total Business won't steal your clients away, and instead promotes a collaborative relationship. With access to our markets, your clients will have no need to seek out other resources. As a partner of Total Business, you can:

  • Earn additional revenue

  • Provide a complete consultation for all your clients’ needs

  • Access to additional markets when your clients are faced with high health care costs or challenging workers compensation solutions


And when we say collaborative relationship, we truly mean it. Our broker partners can select what level of involvement they would like us to have in the relationship, and when to enter the conversation with the client.

Let's get started

Contact us today to see how you and your clients can benefit from Total Business.

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