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Brokerage Services

By consulting with our broker partners and conducting an initial needs analysis, we are able to narrow down the options that best fit your client’s needs.

Why Total Business Group
Finding the right PEO or ASO can be time consuming.  We have categorized over 100 PEO options based on what services they offer, how they deliver their services, and what industries they work best with.

Our professional consultants have several years of experience in the PEO industry and understand the landscape.

Narrowing Down the Market
Instead of calling on multiple PEOs, or working with just one option that may not have your client's best interest in mind, we are able to narrow down which PEOs offer the best overall fit.  

Save Time, Save Money
Our team narrows down solutions that are a strong fit for your clients, and negotiates quotes on your behalf.  This means less time spent evaluation options, and more time invested in your business.

Understanding the Markets and How They Differentiate
PEOs vary in cost structure, technological capabilities, insurance carriers, insurance plan options, HR efficiencies, and more. We understand these differences and are able to easily match PEOs and businesses.

Navigate the Complexities of Outsourcing

Which PEO has the best value? Is an ASO model a better option? Should your client look into changing PEOs if already in one? How do I take my client out of a PEO relationship with as little disruption as possible, now that I am carving out the medical plans and/or workers compensation that was in place? We are here to help you answer these questions, while also negotiating and identifying the best pricing.

Let's get started

Let's have a no obligation conversation about the possibilities of helping you protect and grow your book of business.   

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