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HR Outsourcing Companies Playing a Major Role in Helping Businesses Navigate Change During COVID-19

Updated: May 19, 2020

In the thick of the COVID-19 outbreak it is not just human lives at stake, but businesses as well. Many companies are overwhelmed with an abundance of complicated state and federal mandates, as well as employee concerns. 

The CARES Act, Social Security Tax Deferral, furloughing vs. termination, and remote offices were not topics on the agenda a few months ago. As federal and state governments issue new emergency orders, and the government continues to provide economic relief packages, it can also be unclear as to what business decisions should be made. 

Businesses may need a helping hand now more than ever, especially when it comes to navigating the complexities that come with a pandemic such as COVID-19. That's why I am constantly recommending professional employer organizations (PEOs), alternatively known as HR outsourcing organizations, to business owners. PEOs are go-to partners when it comes to getting assistance with the administrative tasks that come with owning and operating a business.

That said, I am extremely excited to share our first podcast, which explains what PEO is and how these organizations can help your business navigate the current situation. Hosted by the co-founder of We Do Web Content, Alex Valencia, the SEO Happy Hour podcast is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to learn about the latest solutions and trends.

Please join us as we discuss some of the following topics related to PEO and how partnering with a PEO can help with the current pandemic.

  • What are PEOs and what services do they provide?

  • Business owners can wear many hats, how can a PEO alleviate the additional work?

  • What are the business benefits of a PEO? How can they cut costs?

  • Termination vs furloughing

  • Legal issues surrounding termination and furloughing

  • What health benefits can businesses provide their employees?

  • How can a PEO help navigate unemployment and the CARES Act?

Enjoy the conversations, and please let me know if you have any questions!



Please note that the information provided in the podcast is high level and may not be specific to your business.  Before taking any action related to the podcast topics you should seek guidance from a certified HR or payroll specialist, and in some cases an attorney. If you have additional questions about how a PEO could benefits your organization, please feel free to contact us. 

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Aug 03, 2022

The COVID pandemic has indeed caused the business to reshape. Remote work seems to be the only right solution. - software is designed to help HR managers organize and manage a team of employees

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